The association was formed over20 years ago with the support of Stratford Change and originally It offered an outlet for local crafters to sell their goods and to support each other . This still takes place today at various craft makets throughout East London.



Over the years we have changed, as we now do more in the community by supporting events and holding affordable work shops. With these activities we encourage skill sharing, communication and understanding between all groups in the community.



The aim of the group, while still offering support to our crafters is to also offer affordable, accessible craft to the Newham community. Over the past couple of years we have managed to collect some tools and equipment. This has been achieved by using small grant funding that has been available to us. So we now need to find a workshop and storage space of our own. This will give us the opportunity to offer more activities and generate an income to help us towards sustainability.




Our vision for this space would be a Craft Café offering a friendly relaxed atmosphere with tea and homemade cake. Crafting has many positive benefits, both social and health wise. Which many of us have personal experience of in different ways. This space could generate an income through the café, sale of craft materials, workshops, craft parties to name but a few. This would cut our dependency on grant funding. A workshop space would give us a good start towards our ultimate goal .